Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hello, Juicy, You Have 1 New Message...

So i've been wasting a lot of time online this break, which means i've essentially been wasting a lot of time on facebook finding old friends and relations to add to my ever-expanding blackhole of a friends page. But when you start friending people like your friend's friend who you hung out with a lot in elementary school, you need to ask yourself, is this really good for society? yeah it's cool to see that they still exist, and maybe add 'em to your friends list for the hell of it, but we know that the awkward wall or message conversation really cannot last or develop into anything. Why add that pressure?(then again, I thought I wouldn't still be talking to half of my old friends and I am, so I guess I'm not the best judge when it comes to longevity and quality. Infact, I just remembered that I once randomly remet someone and it actually lasted awhile was probably the closest thing ive ever had to a relationship...oops)

ANYWAY my point was that even though there are some people who are fun to reconnect with, there are other people that need to just be left in the past, and people don't always see eye-to-eye on this. As great as facebook is for the reconnecting bit, it makes things sort of awkward when you get poked by someone you're really not to keen to talk to again (even if it is just cuz, as i recently realized, im a bitch.) And plus I honestly don't think it leaves a lot of room for personal growth if you're always forced into awkward conversations with people from your past whom you never knew that well anyway. Then again, I guess just not returning a FB message is nothing to get pissy about...yeah that was pointless, here's a quiz-

Juicy is poked by a friend/person-that-asked-her-out-and-failed that she knows from 3 years ago but has since blocked. she follws decorum and returns the poke, also enabling her to view his profile. Should she
a. friend him out of curiosity/boredom
b. friend him out of curiosity/boredom and say hi because she now feels bad for treating him like shit
c. tell her mom to buy more snackfoods
d. do nothing

(for the record, she cant see personal info and the picture is nothing fab. if she ever saw this person in real life, she would probably hide)

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Once upon a time, there was a litte Nexus of Fate. The Nexus was studying hard so she could get into college, but realized she was essentially screwed for an upcoming test. She was pretty desperate, so completely on a whim she asked someone else for help, and was quickly presented with her next celestial assignment. Upon talking to this new found acquaintance, she learned that he had spent a large quantity of time pining over someone that was probably not very good for him. Perhaps the Nexus was feeling guilty for having treated some other guys like this, or perhaps she just recognized someone that needed a little help, but she was determined to help this person out.
It would be a lie to say that the Nexus had not devised a more selfish method of doing that, and she must confess this made her very happy, but a Nexus knows when the fates are at work. (She also knows when to tip off a slightly-too-oblivoius friend about her own feelings, and when to tell someone that if they don't go for it they're an idiot.)
In the past two weeks, the Nexus was not able to help noticing all the good things that were happenning to all of her other friends aswell. (Can she get an 'i told ya so!') The only annoying thing about being a Nexus of Fate is that there really isn't a Nexus-of-Fate dating service for highschoolers, but a Nexus learns to accept her existance as a singular entity. She asks only to be able to third-wheel every now and then, and gets much joy from seeing all of her friends so happy from her help. The priority decision deadline for Harvard is tomorrow, and Brown is january 1st. Maybe if her friends have had a little aid from the Fates, the Nexus could get her share too. And then maybe, if she's really lucky, she'll meet another Nexus of Fate to be, well, Nexusy with...

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Let's Talk About Feelings!

Mmm...feelings. well, actually no. what I want to talk about is the futility of them. Here is just how peachy life is at the moment:

Ok so originally I was gonna write out all the shit that's going on with people at the moment in the anonymous third person, but y'all know who you are and if you want my juicy advice you can have it. I'm bound to give something away that I shouldn't and I don't want to piss people off. The overall point was that everyone sees things differently. One comment from someone can be interpreted or ignored ten different ways from ten different people. Everyone seems to have a different idea of what's going on even between those very close to them. It'd be nice to think that just by spilling everything and clarifying it for everybody I could make life easier, but I can't do that. In fact, even the people directly invovled don't always know what they want, and I'm starting to think it's near impossible, or at least extremely rare, to find two people with slightly more than friendly feelings for each other who are invovled in a perfectly balanced relationship. (then again, maybe i'm just hanging around my kooky highschool friends too much)

So yeah that's pretty much my rant for the day. Hopefully I can translate some of this brilliant cynicism into my college supplements, but probably not.