Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Twenty, Twenty, Twenty Four Hours To Go...

It's been an odd summer.

Honestly, I feel like I've spent what little free time I had hanging out with two or three actual close friends, and about ten other people who I barely know, but somehow just keep popping up enough to get in on the "friend" list by default anyway. I think that happenns a lot as we get older. Overall- it's been a good summer for endings. Graduations, demolitions, this mode of life as we know it. I suppose that makes it an even better time to head out for a bit.

No Worries, I'll be back. You will too. It'll be awesome. And I'll definitley still be blogging.

PS- I think Cartman is gay. Actually, I think he is the metaphorical preteen version of Stewie...after some traumatically stupifying head injury.

PPS- I know what Soylent Green is.

PPPS- for those of you who think I tend to wax sentimental a little too much- my dad just came into my room and started gushing over a photo album of my kiddie pictures. Ugh.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Free Wireless, Man

In this day and age, I honestly believe it is a crime to charge people extra for wireless internet. It disgusts me that Starbucks, after you've already paid them $4.50 for a drink, insists on charging for internet when so many other enlightened places just give it out for free. These are modern times we live in. It should be complementary- like a shitty continental breakfast, or a hot towl.

What disgusts me even more, however, is when people set up wireless networks at home but then refuse to let anyone else use them. There is nothing more frustrating than being in the range of six or seven wireless networks, only to be dissallowed into every one of them. And to second that, I think it is downright un-neighborly. If I can go to my neighbor's house anytime to borrow a cup of sugar, why not internet? Infact, using their wireless internet is even less of a hassle to them than that. I don't need to go knock at their door, and they definitley don't need to pay for more internet next time they're out shopping to make up for it. Honestly, sharing internet is like sharing air, and does absolutley no harm to anyone involved. One day, when I pay my own bills, I think I am going to purposefully make my internet connection open and available to all. If I need to have some kind of password for the company's sake. then I'll probably name my network something like "The password is password" and act accordingly. The Sixties may have tackled Free Love, but this is clearly our own cultural battle to be fought.

I actually wrote this a week ago but couldn't post it. Guess Why.