Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fucking Women's College. Correction: Not Fucking Anyone Because of Women's College.

NB: The women's college I go to is in close proximity to another (incredibly inferior) one. Let's call my school VW (Vagina World) and that school WIWVW (Wishes It Was Vagina World).

Juicy: "Wait, I thought it was WIWVW to bed and VW to wed?"

Friend: "Oh No, it's VW to bed WIWVW to wed."

Juicy: "Really?" [This has since been confirmed by the internet]

Friend: "Oh yeah, we're the FUN ones. Do you see the Harvard Squash team going to WIWVW to get body parts signed there? No."

Juicy: "Good point..."

A Little History:

Apparently, the expression has its origins back in the 50s as a saying used by Harvard boys to tell us apart: that VW girls were more likely to go skinny dipping and match you shot for shot while WIWVW girls wore collared shirts, played tennis, and were the kind of girls you could take home to mom. Having reflected on the origins of this stereotype for about, oh, half a minute, I am now totally OK with this....(Still working on the whole 'Militant Lesbian' thing though)

Indeed, Efforts must be doubled.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


1. Steampunk. Really now, it's uber specific and kind of ridiculous...And no, you can't go around adding "punk" to anything just because you want to feel badass. It just doesn't work like that.

2. xkcd. Obviously an awesome comic drafted by God himself, but seems to be going a little downhill latley. Then again, I suppose there is only a limited number of truly hillarious science/technology comics one can craft. (Maybe I should send him some good chem ones? It is one thing he hasn't done a lot of...)

3. Shia LaBeouf's barely-there, landing strip of a moustache. Like facial hair is going to make us forget that you are and will always be that lovable little boy from Even Stevens on the Disney Channel. Ironically enough, this so obvious attempt at machismo actually gives us a far more realistic look at Middle School. Really, how old are we now?

4. Autumn. People flock from all over to see our pretty autumn leaves change colors. What they don't realize, however, is that they are actually flocking to observe a slow, mass death. Really, autumn is the one season inwhich you are surrounded by death. Not winter, as one might think, because in Winter everything is already dead. All is snowy, and white, and surreal like the afterlife. But autumn is just the pure act and essence of dying with no before and no after. Ponder it.

5. You. Yes, I really mean you (yourself specifically). For almost two weeks you allowed this poor little blog to sit and wallow in cinematic, Bridget-Jones-esque self-pity, when in actuality sitemeter was broken. Thought it be funny did you? Only funny when someone gets hurt? Well shame on you! Worthless Mango Addict you are, but it won't get to me. At least now I see how it really is...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hello Seattle, I'm Listening...

To contine with the theme of the former post, here's a several minute clip that essentially sums up the state of my personal life (and apparently, this blog) at the moment. Enjoy.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Ok, Mango Addicts (what few are left, at least), I have a confession to make....I've been spying on you. Ever since a few months ago, I got a nifty little tool called "sitemeter." Not to creep you out or anything, just because I was curious. So please don't be too alarmed when I tell you that I know every hit this site gets, the IP address it comes from, the town/state/province it comes from, what linked them here in the first place, and how long they stayed. Really, it's not so big a deal and in no way deteriorates upon your personal safety. Since we are a small blog, we really cherish every little hit this site gets. Even the random ones from bizzare countries because someone was googling "mango flavored marajuana" or "mango morning after" or some other similarly silly combination of words. (not that that's bad, remember what your preK teacher taught you? There is no such thing as a stupid google search)

So why let this little indiscretion slip now? Well, for the past few months this site has had a steady influx of daily, or at least every-couple-days-ly hits. infact, the number (much to our delight here at MFA) seemed to be rising. That is, until this week. Observe:

For the first time since ever, this blog has been just sitting alone in cyberspace for an entire week. OK, Where did everyone go? Was there some seven-day long party in Blogosphere that I wasn't invited to? Was the makeover really that abhorring? I don't care what you say, I'm sorry but there is no way you're simply that cool or that busy.

Hopefully this is but an irregular, circumstantial glitch in the way the world should be. (That, or everyone is just counting on atom feeders to check this blog for them...bums). But I fear it may not be. Indeed, this may be (*grimace*) the beginning of the (*shudder*) end of blog culture; and dare I say, our entire little section of the Blogosphere.

We don't know what the future holds at this point, but let me just say this one thing: Regardless, we had a damn good run.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

It Could Be Worse, You Could live in NJ...

So here it is...the long awaited and much needed make-over. (Because this blog truly was 'just about as yellow as it gets'). Thank the people at blogger for finally developing a template tool for those of us who lack both the skill and patience to perfect their hex codes. Enjoy.

It's Happenning....December 2008.