Thursday, January 18, 2007

Graph That!

...all on the floor, graph that! give me some more....graph that!

yeah, we can all thank koopon for that one. So today i realized that 1. i am way too lazy for my own good and have no self discipline (which should be reallllllly fun to explain to my advisor tomorrow) 2. I am so NOT on the honor roll for midterm so we can say bye to driving permissions (not that i really ever ask the deans anway so i dont really care...can i get a *snap*snap* for a 79 in Philo and Lit? yeah....i thought so...) and 3. now that i have embraced my failure, i may aswell enjoy what little ounce of life i have left before my male biological predecessor kills me, or I start actually doing work again to get my grades up for when it actually counts. Why did I apply to Harvard again?

So that's pretty much what I'm doing now....procrastinating the comp lab blogging with koopon who is doing his usual amusing babbling. Oh, and I wrote a newspaper article to put in some over-achiever points, though seriously sunday chapel does need to die. Why does society want us to be productive again? [insert polly rant here] Oh, and I wrote a short story for English that made me really happy (next time you see vertical just call him Hamlet) And shout outs to OSK too...though I heard about the fate of Batman...there's still never know. I could think of more things to write about but i'd probably end up ranting, being emo, and generally not being productive. I can tell myself that I will be productive later, but that's only after i've kicked my indian sex kitty out of my room or made her do work, which means about an hour later i'll want to go to bed. Ahh...dorm life. Duds Day tomorrow though, that should be fun even though I am wayyy overdue for laundry. And hopefully I can dye my hair and then wash it out before the Yale interview. College is taking over life. That is so wrong, but luckily only for the next 3-and-a-half-months. Wow...i dunno if that's too long or surprisingly soon....Oh well, nothing I can do about it now but study comp gov and pray to god I don't get waitlisted. Later!

oh, and shout outs to gavrich for those notes!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Emo Blogging

If you don’t expect anything you’ll never be disappointed. It’s a proven fact, and it’s pretty much how I live my life. You’d think it would be the least emotionally dangerous way to go about things, seeing as you never get fucked over. but what they don’t tell you is that after years and years of not expecting anything, you may not get hurt by other people, but you end up hurting yourself even more, and it’s the kind of hurt that no one else can deliver quite as poignantly as you can. It’s not the crippling, painful blow that comes all at once when someone turns you down, but a creeping soreness that you don’t even realize is a pain until it’s disturbed. And once it is, there’s no going back.
When someone else tells you youre not good enough, you can always tell them they’re wrong or just run away from them. It sucks to have someone else disappoint you like that, which is why so many people (like myself) will go to crazy lengths to avoid just that situation. But really which is worse? Having someone else fuck you over and getting over it, or giving yourself just that tiny little pinch of “ just don’t bother” everyday until that part of you is so numb you don’t even realize you’re touching it. And when it does get jabbed a little harder than usual, it bleeds like hell until you can grow and even thicker scab, whose dried and flaky carnage slowly replaces the space that used to be saved for nerve endings.

Hello, my name is Juicy and my soul consists of a large clump of dried cells that don’t even have nuclei. Whatever you do, don’t turn out like me.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

G+G+G+ Bitching it's been awhile since I posted anything but it's hard to think of anything really significant to post about, seeing as my life in the winter can pretty much be summed up in the following three Gs:

-gossip whoring

(only not so much the first nowadays, oops...) So let's talk about the last one. The other night at dinner two friends and I were sitting around, and a little fac brat had a note addressed to a friend of ours. Not only did we spend half an hour or more trying to procure the note from this kid (since when do they make 11 year olds that look like six year olds that think like 16 year olds?) under the pretext that she was planning to give it to her facutly parent and we were doing the people that were actually meant to read the note a favor by intercepting it first. (cmon, its sorta true...) Anyway, the note didn't contain anything fantastic but getting it kept me amused for about forty-five minutes. ( metaphor!)And even if it did my new years resolution would prevent me from publishing it on the internet. *stick-out-tongue-smiley*

Like I said, the first G hasn't been getting too much attention in the past few days, but hopefully all that is about to change, or at least today it did. Did I mention that the stomach ache is God's gift to man? seriously...i don't wanna go all Odysseus and jinx myself here (yes, it's happened) but you just go in, look sad, say you have a stomach ache, go to sleep for as long as you want, then wake up and Bam! It's Juicy's Day Off! Not that I did anything nearly as cool as Bueller, but walking around the cafeteria in your PJs while all your friends still have to go to class has its perks...not to mention the getting caught up with everything and not stressing out while listening to mediocre radio all day. It seems too good to be true...That, and the fact that just one slim doorway stands between me and freedom at 3am on a saturday. Well, more like a slim doorway and my friend's "Juicy-really-now-I-care-about-you-and-dont-want-you-to-get-kicked-out-of-school-and-not-get-into-college-and-make-the-stupidest-mistake-of-your-life" eyes. Who came up with this whole 'real freinds' idea again?

so yeah that's pretty much my pathetic life in a nutshell. Funny word, pathetic. It means weak, or in some other way generally unworthy, But i can't help but recognize the greek root "pathos" which I'm almost sure means "feelings." Perhaps the Nazis and myself weren't the first? just a thought...Another great word that comes to mind is "whorish," for example, "my fantastically whorish shoes that I love to death even though my heels still hurt." psh...objectifying women in the media...seriously...that presentation was smart and funny but can you grab me a drink? thanks. Though if she did have a point about one thing, guys in this country are spoiled. Just turn on the TV and watch a few adds, at least half of them will contain a nude or partially clad woman with long hair and perfect skin. No wonder the East hates us...

Monday, January 01, 2007

Roadtrip Plan B (AKA "The Pina Colada Song")

I brought up the whole summer roadtrip with my Dad, and as can be expected he wasn't too gung-ho about it, but he didn't completely disqualify it either. But what he did do was pretty damn cool. Im not sure if he realized what he was getting himself into at the time, but as my graduation present he offered to fly us all (he has like 5 million FF miles) down to St. Croix and pay for basic necessities.
Now I know the Zs aren't crazy about the beach, but THINK about this...St. Croix is a small tropical island in the USVI. We own a condoe on the beach that also has a swimming pool and a snack shack. There are two bedrooms and a couch, so if we really squish we could fit six people. While we are down there we could go to the beach, snorkel/scuba dive, play ping pong, take boat trips to buck island (the kind of deserted island you see in TV commercials), shop around in town duty free, maybe hit some casinos/clubs and probably find a ton of other fun random things to do. (plus i have this amusing image in my head of bagel trying to make friends with a drugged out rasta, vertical trying to shimmy up a palm tree, and josh on the beach with three girls looking like even more of a pimp) Oh, and did i mention the drinking age is 18 and practically a joke? it would be like friggen spring break. Not to mention I've been going to the island since i was a baby so I'm pretty famialir with it and all the parents might feel better about this than a random roadtrip. I'm still all for the roadtrip, but if it doesn't work out you must admit an unsupervised tropical vacation is a pretty damned good back up option...comments?