Thursday, October 22, 2009


When it comes to hard work and academic pursuits under non-stressed conditions, my attention span is decent, but nothing wonderful. Maybe 2-3 hours tops before I need a lengthy, serious distraction. I'm always amazed, then, when I find myself able to be entertained by doing the most mundane online activity for hours and hours on end (literally, six or more) without growing weary of it. Things like playing online games or reading webcomics are, to me at least, just the perfect balance between "doing something and being entertained by it" (albeit, clicking a mouse) and "not really anything that taxing" to the point where they become outright addictive. I think this also comes from my natural way of being. I know I don't like change in the longterm, but that often applies in the shortterm too. When I'm on the beach, I want to stay dry for as long as possible until the overbearing heat forces me into the ocean. Once I'm wet, however, I never want to get out. It's the same with sleeping vs. being awake, and apparently, hardcore web surfing.

But enough about me. Today I found the best webcomic ever, and I simply must spread the word. There are 900 something strips and I'm only on 200, and I am not at all knowledgeable when it comes to old school video games and the (apparently shitty) life of a game programmer, but the rest is Golden. By following this link, starting at one (which is technically #67), and proceeding chronologically (Very Important!!!) you will quickly find:

*My College (no, really)
*The nature of the world as we know it
*Dungeons and Dragons
*Large quantities of self-pity and pessimism
*Pink Floyd and Pearljam
*The Northeast
*An old school Atari game about Journey. (There were actually two)

So yeah, pretty much a must read. Click on, faithful Mango Addicts, and give this Godsend of a WebComic the hits it deserves:

Minimalist Stick Figure Theatre

(And in case you were wondering, yes, it did come first)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Last night was pretty crazy. Infact, I only got two hours of sleep, and I was so hyped up from it that I managed to keep the buzz going all day long. When I awoke, my room was a mess, clothes were strewn everywhere along with empty glasses, and I couldn't beleive just how much I had consumed in one evening....

...Snack foods, that is. I am of course referring to the epic all nighter I had to pull to finish my half of a 20 page lab report. Today, for the first time in years, I actually bought and chugged a Red Bull so I could get all of my work done within my overcrowded class schedule. Sound familiar?

Yup, it's vectors. It's matrices. It's spherical coordinates. It's everything you didn't quite learn in PreCalc the last time you were a junior. And it's back...

Y'all Ready For This?

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Funny European Cars

Yesterday, a very stereotypical Frenchman asked me if I was homesick, and I am. I'm also kind of sick in general. So I decided to make myself feel better by making a pretty list of things that I miss, and blogging about them in the alttext. Enjoy.

Meaning Obvious. No store is open past 7:30pm or on Sundays. No really, I'm serious. It's annoying. Being Cooked For. I beleive that the true sign of independance is being able to cook for yourself. It's not really that glamorous. Actually, more like time consuming and sometimes gross. A dishwasher would also be nice. Europeans are deprived.I tried to update to the full version and they wouldn't accept my credit card information. This is probably a sign. Oh well, I'm trying again anyway.The TPG here is worthless, I've only sat next to one crazy person all month.
Meaning Obvious. Enjoy Thanksgiving and Fall Break for me. OSK- I will call you back, I'm just 7-8 hours ahead. Oh, the Sleepy West of the Woody East...

A guy outside of my window just yelled "Obama"...Meaning Obvious.