Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Time of Your Life

I am starting college in about a month, and turning 18 somehwhat shortly after. I will spend (hopefully) 4 years in college partying it up with my friends and travelling to exotic places. After that I will go to law school, continue to party though probably a little less, and graduate (again, hopefully) when I'm about 24. After that its a few years of the party that is "your early 20s." Sounds like I have a great life ahead of me, right? But what comes after that? A solid job behind a desk, marriage, children, even if I don't everyone else will...It's all down hill from there! Everything we've been waiting for for so long, climaxing, but then slowly sloping downward. This is it kiddies, the best effing years of our lives, right infront of us. And After that, before you know it's even hit you, it's nothing but down hill from there. Enjoy it while you can.

18 means only two years left of teenagerdom, and then bam, you're an adult. Holy shit.