Thursday, November 30, 2006


Yesterday and today have been two of those days that seem so typical it's abnormal. What did i do? I was productive. that essentially sums it up. I did work, I practiced a song with a group, i organized stuff for the art club, i did class ring stuff, all of which i enjoy and get to write on my college app. (except the ring thing, thats just cuz im cool) I saw my friends a bit, i slept a bit, i played hockey. There's no drama, no big gossip, things are just, well, peaceful. I have no complaints except sore muscles/stomach and the inverse proportion of sleep and work. In other words, it's pretty wierd. maybe im just a masochist who needs something to bitch about, or maybe i finally got my life together, but it feels weird not having anything major on my mind. Today i was sitting in class and i remembered my first year at this highschool. I thought about how different everything has become since then, and how i never would have expected this in a million years. For the first time in awhile i guess, things balanced out. full circle. they did it just in time too, because then i was flipping through my agenda pad, opened up to april, and realized that by then i will know where i am going to college. freaky, huh?

on a similar note, Not to get too emo on you all, but as busy as ive been these past few days I feel a sortof internal bordom setting in. (or maybe im just in a wierd mood from working alot/sleep deprived) So if you ever want to do something spontaneous like go climb a mountain or take a roadtrip to nowhere and get lost (i still think thats a great idea...) let me in on it before i become another mindless zombie in a productive society that has no real direction. it has speed, but not velocity...snap!!

...yeah on that pathetic note ill return to british getting sorta sick of this whole school thing and i can't beleive its another four more years, but what else can i do? hopefully college will rock, but thats another story. till then, i have disco....

Friday, November 24, 2006

Turkey Day...Oh, and you might want to read this for future notice...

So it was Thanksgiving yesterday and I feel that yields a blogpost even though there really isn't much to say. I lovvvvved the food, and it was fun actually helping with the cooking this year and taking responsibility of the stuffing, even though my dad will probably not let me within ten feet of any alcholic beverage ever again. (not that i was actually drinking or anything, its just that the general excitement of the holiday made me a bit tizzy and then knocked me out on the couch for two hours)

On a similar note, I finally decided where I am going to apply to college, I'd tell you where, but we had this presentation that freaked me out and I don't wanna be denied school number 2 just because they read this and realize they're not school number 1 even though I totally could have changed my mind.

Ok, what the fuck is wrong here. This is my blog and it's getting way too PC. I cannot feel that I can fully express myself if I think there is an admissions reader constantly searching the net for this stuff and dying for any excuse to not read the huge stack of papers in my file infront of him. I am aware that whatever
I publish is technically open for all to see, but by choosing the username I did and by refusing to give out the information I did not release, it is clear that my identity is to be kept anonymous to all readers whom I am not already familiar with. In short- this is bullshit. If i gave you all my full name and address then fine, i guess i was asking for it, but if any admissions officer is going to get all sneaky on me and start hunting for incriminating evidence in supposedly anonymous blog posts, then that makes me really upset. I worked really hard on those apps for a reason, and i don't think they should be counteracted by something as casual as a blog. And how would you like it if i went hunting for all your dirty secrets on the internet? This pissses me off, People have a right to privacy, especially when it is as specifically implied as it is here. This actually makes me want to become and ACLU lawyer even more (Because if you don't trust me already, admissions officer, I wasn't lying about that)

In fact, I think i'll give myself some practice:

By reading this blog and absorbing its contents, you ,the reader, have agreed to not share any of the found information in a way that could be slanderous or in any other way harmful or discrediting to the author or those associated with her.

Ha! Take that bitches!!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

If You're Still Reading This, I Don't Know Whether to Be Flattered or A Little Sketched Out

Oh well who cares, I enjoy the company. Here's what's been on my mind:

So I was out to lunch with my aunt today and they were playing all these really old songs in the restaurant. The kind that have trumpets and keyboards creating the kind of beats you can picture people dancing to back in the 1950s wearing letterman jackets and bowling shoes. Now don't get me wrong, i have 110% nothing against grinding, and if im attracted to someone then fully rubbing up against them is definitley on the top of the to-do list, but it is sort of nice to think back to a time when dancing took effort as opposed to just satisfying base physical urges. When you think about it, its almost typical of modern society. Why waste time wining and dining someone when you both just wanna get it on? If you're dancing with someone, why bother with all the twists and turns when all you really want to do is get as close to them as physically possible while you still have clothes on? its not that the provocativity of grinding is a let down, its just that compared to old school dancing, it's pretty uncreative and uneventful. Just because dancing serves as a way to satisfy sexual urges, that doesn't mean that that's all it has to do. In fact, i'm sure it could be a lot more fun if people mixed it up a little. (not that juicy doesn't enjoy getting essentially assraped once in, seriously, she doesnt, but well talk about that later)

oh yeah, and that little thing called romance...

I blame those stupid Macy's christmas commercials. Seriously, how am I supposed to continue a healthily cynical and bitter existance when every five seconds it's "with love, from me, to you!" and all those happy couples being all....couply. God, before you know it i'll be getting excited about christmas (despite the futility of it) and then you can start throwing snowballs down to hell and watch them freeze over (cuz the ice in my veins has to go somewhere...)

now these thoughts must have been apparant as i was eating, because then completely out of the blue i was presented with the one question 'feared by singles everywhere' (gotta love Bridget Jones)- "So Juicy, How's Your Love Life?" Those exact words i am not even kidding. I'm not sure what's worse- the story itself or that I actually told my aunt about it. But after all is said and done: yes, i am 17. Yes, i am probably going to graduate alone. Yes, i can accept that, now let's not parade it infront of the rest of my relatives, ok? I guess it could be worse, at least they don't think im gay yet (though the other night my dad did say 'significant other,' that was wierd...)

oh btw, that person who posted about joe y on my last post, who are you you're sorta creeping me out. As for the people i know who actually read this blog (if there are any left) i think it'd be really fun to have a christmas party and do secret santas and....oh god, it's started already...